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Everyday Practice: Metabolic Mastery Method
The Ayurvedic approach to simply and comfortably turn on your body's fat metabolism for health and energy.
Everyday Practice: 10-to-6 Sleep Fix
Ayurveda's way of harmonizing with the natural rhythms of the day for deep, restful sleep and rejuvenation.
Everyday Practice: Fresh Best Test
One simple guideline for picking healthy foods, without over-obsessing on details.
Everyday Practice: Know Your Dosha
Your unique constitution is a combination of the Ayurvedic doshas. It influences your physical and psycho-emotional tendencies. Work with it and use the Ayurvedic herbs that are specifically useful for your type.
Everyday Practice: Hot Water Restart
The simplest and safest way to detox and restore digestive strength.
Everyday Practice: Sun Salutation Series
This safe and energizing exercise routine builds strength, endurance, flexibility, and lung capacity.
Everyday Practice: Moon Salutation Series
This Yoga flow counters fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, lack of focus, and chronic pain.
Everyday Practice: Deep Sleep Sequence
Trouble getting to sleep? Use this practice to power down and prime your nervous system for deep rest.
Everyday Practice: Let-It-Out Route
Learning how to listen to your body's natural urges is essential for the health of your digestion, reproductive system, immunity, mind, and energy.
Everyday Practice: Maximum Nourishment Cooking
The way you cook can turn healthy food toxic or make unhealthy foods less harmful.
Everyday Practice: People Power Process
Making positive changes in your life can either be a strenuous and dangerous uphill climb, or a peaceful ride down the river. Which would you prefer?
Everyday Practice: Afternoon Power Preserve
Energy crash in the afternoon? This is the sugar-free, caffeine-free antidote.
Everyday Practice: Responsibility Ability
Do you know how and where blame is sabotaging your health, life, and happiness? Get free with this practice.
Everyday Practice: Self Massage Energy Resurgence
15 minutes to reduce pain and stress, and restore youth and self-love.
Everyday Practice: Yoga Nidra - Conscious Sleep
Sleep better, reduce anxiety, increase your energy, be free from depression and pain, and experience complete peace in your body.
Everyday Practice: Complete Yogic Breath
Lower your blood pressure, balance your mind and emotions, and strengthen your digestion and immunity...with your next breath.
Each Everyday Practice teaches you the concrete and specific benefits it delivers, and both the Ayurvedic reasoning behind its effectiveness, as well as supportive modern scientific research.

You get text, video, and audio recordings with step-by-step instructions for each practice, and motivation to get started.
Use the Everyday Practices member community to get inspiration from others, and inspire others with your progress.

Remember: Your health isn't determined by what you do from time to time, but what you do EVERYDAY!
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